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Moles. Those annoying freckle type dots scattered over your face and body. Some of us have a few and others have a lot. Personally, I have a lot as apposed to a few. Most of them I could not care less but the ones on my face did annoy me. I did some research and I found a product that effectively removed them successfully! I just want to say this is not a paid review by the way, I want others to know there are products out there. I am also writing this because there seems to be a lack of personal reviews and experiences online so I wanted to share my honest opinions.  

But, when I found out Dermatend products got pulled last year I was a little disheartened. Not for myself but for other people. I hear that the main ingredient in Dermatend could be purchased elsewhere. This claims to tackle moles, warts and skin tags so read below to find out more.

I really felt Dermatend really deserved some recognition! There appears to be mixed reviews - almost the same amount of people giving 1 star as 5 stars (on Amazon). All I can say is maybe this is down to skin type/mole type, I don't know. Also, I know no one is perfect and there is more to life than the way you look but living with this everyday is a pain. 

My Experience

Having had moles all my life I am sick to death of them. Being bullied at school for having facial moles really affected my confidence and now in my prime I feel I had dealt with it long enough, especially with them being on my face. I went to the doctors and she said as the moles were on my face this is classed as "cosmetic surgery" and would cost £1000 per mole! 1) I didn't fancy going through what would probably be a traumatic procedure which is considered as plastic surgery (what a joke!) and 2) I don't want to spend that money. Dermatend on the other hand cost only £27.00 GBP. 

This really annoyed me but I decided to live with it. I went to a professional makeup stand and asked for advice - the make up artist did a really shoddy job covering them with concealer and it looked terrible. Fast forward probably 8 years and I decided to do a bit of research online. I came across Dermatend. For the price, I decided to try it. With it containing natural ingredients I was curious to see what it could do and read many reviews before I actually adding it to my basket (a lot of people claiming the reviews are false and the product a scam which is not true). 

Sorry for the totally unflattering photographs but I want to show you non photoshopped and no filtered photos. 

Before and during application (bottom left)
I tried a small flat mole on my stomach as I didn't want to go straight to work on my face. This worked ok but it looks a bit stained under the skin still. I plucked up enough courage and tried the ones on my face. 

I had a small 'beauty spot' on the area between my top lip and nose (flatish mole but ever so slightly raised) and another on my chin (raised mole). I followed the instructions; filed the mole with what looked like a nail file (I filed them a lot, this felt uncomfortable but this is needed to penetrate the mole). I then used Vaseline by putting it around the skin of the mole to stop the product damaging my actual skin. I then used the instrument provided (looks like a cocktail stick) to place the product on my moles. The stuff you want is the gritty, dark product not the watery residue in the tube. Make sure it covers the whole of the mole and try not to get any on your skin. 

I left the product on for 45 mins. It gave a good sting at first but nothing to be scared about. The mole became very dark in colour but I successfully covered this with makeup. 

After application

You have to be very careful not to knock or pick off the scab. It is so very tempting to see what is happening underneath but the results will not be effective if you pick the scab off as it will scar your skin and the area could become infected if you keep touching the area. After three nights the small scab began to peel itself so I rubbed it off - it left a very small pink 'pit' but mole free! I was so chuffed. I could not believe my eyes. I read that the mole could grow back but for having a scabby face for 3 days/a week I would do this again without a doubt. I would rather have a little mark/scar on my face than a brown mole. 

You may have to complete the process a couple of times to effectively remove the mole entirely but I was lucky enough to only undergo one procedure. 

Healing process

Before and after comparison

I have another 'beauty spot' but in the perfect beauty spot area so I have decided to keep this one for the time being as it is unique to me.


2 weeks later: I can hardly notice where the small mole is, especially with make up. It's made such a difference to my self esteem. There is no colour at all just a mark where my skin is still healing. The raised mole on my chin will need another blast but I thought I would leave my skin to heal a little. This reduced to half the size and now has no colour (matches my skin tone)!

10 months later: I am still 100% happy with results. Very very light pigment on small mole but not really worth doing again as makeup completely covers it. I can't stress how light the pigment is. I am so happy this worked. Practically pain free and barely visible scarring. Absolutely no needles, scalpels or cosmetic surgery required! 

I highly recommended this product. Why I had never heard of this before is beyond me? 

Pain: 1/10
Patience needed: 10/10
Overall: 10/10

Please note: 
I used neosipin every day for healing. This stuff is amazing as it contains antibiotics. This is only sold in America but I found it on eBay. After the scab fell off I used bio-oil every night.

10 Months+ Afterwards!

Will this work for you & alternatives?

I think this is more efficient on raised moles or skin tags as you can file the mole easier. Having said that the mole on my lip was only slightly raised but worked a treat. I really hope Dermatend comes back to help others.

Why was the product pulled? Are there any alternatives?

The reason Dermatend was pulled from the shelves was because it works without any doctor being involved... According to the officials "they have never been shown to be safe or effective, and promotion of the at-home treatments raise safety concerns, since they may delay diagnosis of serious conditions, such as cancer." So, this has nothing to do with the product not working. Everything nowadays is a cancer scare. I can't say this does or does not cause skin conditions but from a personal and honest opinion this worked effectively for me. If you're concerned do not use this or any alternatives. 

The main ingredient is bloodroot. I have done a search online for Blood Root related products and there are a few products out there that claim to do the same as Dermatend by removing moles, warts and skin tags. I have not tried these products so cannot recommend them personally but I can't see why they would not be effective. 

So, What is Blood Root?

Taken from: Click here for more information. 

Bloodroot is a plant. People use the underground stem (rhizome) to make medicine. Some people apply bloodroot directly to the skin around wounds to remove dead tissue and promote healing. During the mid-1800s, bloodroot extracts were applied to the skin as part of the Fell Technique for treatment of breast tumors. In dentistry, bloodroot is used on the teeth to reduce the build-up of plaque. Plaque is a film of saliva, mucus, bacteria, and food particles that can promote gum disease.

How does it work?
Bloodroot contains chemicals that might help fight bacteria, inflammation, and plaque.

Have you had any experience with Dermatend or a similar product? If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask me! 

Happy mole-busting guys! 

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