Easter Photo Diary

If you work full time like me you absolutely love Bank Holidays. Catching up on sleep, relaxing and watching lots of television. This Easter bank holiday was excellent. I spent some hard earned cash, saw some beautiful sights and achieved something!

It was nice to get up early and complete a session of Kayla Itsines' Beach Body Workout. I normally train after work as I have zero energy before work in a morning but training in a morning was a nice change. Ladies, it's tough. But... it's brilliant. The results I have achieved in a short space of time are excellent. I will be blogging about it soon! 

On the Saturday I decided I wanted a new laptop, a shiny new Macbook Pro. As you can imagine everywhere was stupidly busy but driving to Solihull near Birmingham was not as bad as anticipated. I went for the brand new Retina display, 13" inch model. It's perfect and my very first laptop. 


We decided to visit Pooles Cavern in Buxton, Derbyshire on Easter Sunday. I love Derbyshire, I think the scenery is so beautiful especially the Peak District. The cavern is made from Limestone with lots of lovely stalactites and stalagmites with the River Wye running through the middle. It is around 2 million years old. The structures inside are amazing and totally worth visiting just to see how stunning nature can be. The guide was really enthusiastic and knowledgable. He made it fun, especially by turning the lights out, we literally could not see our hands in front of our faces! He welcomed questions and gave us a lot of history about the cavern and events. There were a lot of families there and their kids seemed to love the tour, my boyfriend and I thoroughly enjoyed it so it really does cater to all ages.

The photographs I took don't really give justice to how alluring and bewitching the cavern is. The lighting within the cavern is specially positioned so you can see all aspects of the crevices. The atmosphere is delightful. 

Afterwards we definitely took advantage of some Derbyshire pancakes in the cafe afterwards - yum. 

By taking a little stroll up into the country park you can visit Solomon's Temple, the views are pretty spectacular up here was the weather was blissful! This structure was built in 1896 but originally this was an ancient burial mound, which was home to a couple of bronze age skeletons. The land was originally a lime quarry. The lime waste was then used to transform it into lime waste cottages. You can walk through the mounds up to the temple. These are completely derelict now but it's still fascinating knowing what went on here. Buxton really is gorgeous. 



The beer garden was calling us on the way home so we stopped off at a pub called Jug & Glass Inn, in Hartington on the way back through Ashbourne. It would be rude not to share a pint in the sun!

Once we got home we decided to carry on drinking and got a little tipsy whilst enjoying the last of the sun outside. 


The Sunday achievement was... jumping. Horse jumping! I was not expecting to at all, so I was chuffed I got the opportunity to jump after my second lesson. Lots of relaxing was done for the rest of the day which was spent outdoors, lapping up some Easter spring sunshine. Nature was in full force today and the sights of butterflies, amphibians and singing birds bought a smile to my face (especially the noisy donkeys e-orring next door). 

I managed to capture a great photo of two toads enjoying themselves when I got back home. Check out my Instagram to see what I get up to! 


If you want to visit Pooles Cavern and Solomons Temple why not take a look at their website for more information. If you want to find out more about Horse Riding drop me a message or comment and I can let you know where I ride. 

I hope you have all had a great Easter!

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