Elemis Fresh Skin Range

Elemis FreshSkin Skin Glow Exfoliating Face Wash 100ml,  Peachy Perfect Gentle Face Wash 100ml and Elemis Dreamy Sleep Night Time Moisturiser 50ml

Having battled for clear skin since what now feels like birth, makeup has been my partner in crime. Hitting my mid twenties seems to have released a clearer-skin-hormone. Hallelujah! I truly believe you're either blessed with clear OR spot prone skin. Spot fighting products can help to a certain extent but they will always be looming if you miss your beauty regime and ready to spoil that special date bang on cue. For all you lovies who have beaut stress free skin you're probably the envy of many other ladies. 

What I have realised is that no matter how often you hear people harping on about 'eat clean, exercise and drink plenty of water' you won't believe this until you actually try it yourself. 

Anyway, I've gradually weened myself off Clearasil and Clean n Clear mainly because although these products have treated me very well over the years and helped me achieve clearer skin I feel if I don't cease to use them now i'll be a grandma using Clearasil - not cool. I think the price is slowly creeping up too. If you're still using clearasil be sure to use a good moisturiser as I don't know about you but these products dried my skin out a lot. 

I took the plunge by switching to something brand new and have recently started using Elemis Fresh Skin since Christmas 2014 and the results are brilliant. As Elemis is a trusted skincare expert I was confident the results would be good. 

I use the foamy face wash, exfoliater and the night time moisturiser. It's gentle and doesn't dry out your skin like other products. 

Elemis Peachy Perfect Gentle Face Wash 
I use this every morning before I get ready for work and before putting on my daily moisturiser and makeup. The foamy wash pump is quite generous when dispensed so I tend to use half a pump as a full pump full of this lovely stuff would be a waste. I have used about 75% since Christmas (so, 3 months ish) which is quite good going. It leaves my skin feeling super clean but not taunt like other products. It easily foams up too - bonus. 

Elemis FreshSkin Skin Glow Exfoliating Face Wash
A few times a week I'll use the exfoliator. This stuff smells wonderful but I would prefer it if was a little grittier. It cleans brilliantly and leaves my skin feeling soft.  

Elemis Dreamy Sleep Night Time Moisturiser
Every night I use the night time cream. This has the statement Elemis smell which I love. A lovely lavender mix of sleepy dreaminess is packed into the cream that instantly gets you ready for bedtime. This is probably my favourite out of the products I have. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed using the Elemis products and will continue to do so. I have been using them for 3 months now plus I no longer feel like I have teenager skin! My skin has been brilliant since using them (even around that time of the month). So I believe they definitely work!

I picked my range up from Superdrug but you can also buy online at Feelunique.com and TimetoSpa (You can pick up free samples by ordering from Time to Spa - Use code: TRYME3 - Not valid on Sale items unfortunately but could be used for other Elemis items and Free Delivery).

Have you recently tried Elemis fresh skin? Do you recommend any products for younger breakout prone skin? 

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