How to Remove a Mole with Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) at Home: Part 2

Mole Blasting: Part 2 
(Daily Report)

I have repeated the process.
I believe using the nail file on the initial treatment is essential.

I was happy with my initial blasting results and it quite frankly left me astonished. I was pleased I did not overdo it first time round so I could keep an eye on the intensity of the ACV and what damage it was doing to my mole. 

Day 1
Lets do this. 
Like I said, the mole has flattened again after healing. So it was time to zap it again. 
I filed it more this time. Determined to get to the root. Oops: I used an illuminating moisturiser under my makeup so the mole looks a little more raised on the photo because of this.

Day 2
Woke up to a white mole. Weird. But good! Literally scabbed up in an hour. It did weep a little with a tiny bit of blood, maybe because I filed the shite out of it. Despite me making sure the mole is covered under the plaster it seems the upper section of the mole is more porous or less resilient than the lower part. This could be due to me unintentionally filing more of this part of mole. Just be prepared as this could happen to you. To overcome this I just zap it for a few more days or zap the unaffected area with an ear bud until the mole is completely black.

Day 3
Woah, loads flatter on the top section of Mr Mole (almost flush with my skin) and pretty darn blackened. The scab has spread a little too. It looks like I've coloured it in with a marker pen lol.

Day 4
Oh my god. I've broken the back of the mole. I'm convinced! It looks sunken. I woke up this morning and the mole was not white but the scab looked darker and flat. One part still hasnt scabbed, stubborn thing. It felt different this morning, it was not painful but it felt tight and a little uncomfortable. I can't feel it at all now (mid morning). Tonight I will NOT leave the plaster on all night because I don't think it needs it, but I will zap the part which hasn't been affected with an ear bud! The scab is literally black. Although I have a scabby face i'm happy about it! Tonight I will smother it with Neosporin.

It was really hard to photograph but the dark part is pretty much flush with my skin but sunken in parts.

Day 5
Nicknamed myself Crusty McCrustathon. It has dried up nicely. I spot-zapped the unaffected part last night but this morning it still hasnt really taken a battering. I am going to let myself heal now and not put any more ACV on and see what happens to the unaltered section because I don't want to over do it and damage my skin. If it needs another session that's cool with me! 

So it's totally dried up. It's mega crusty.

IMPORTANT: FYI I used the Neosporin and it made my scab very 'moist'. I could have easily pealed it off which is not ideal as it could lead to scarring. For this reason I will not be using it until the scab has fallen off.

Day 6
Mr Mole is standing about 2mm off my face! It's beginning to get annoying. I know most people would have picked it off by now but I'm trying to eliminate scarring as much as I can. It has not changed but I would say it looks slightly smaller - maybe because it's dried up a considerable amount.

Day 7
I'm so close to picking this off!! The scab is hanging on desperately and everyone is telling me NOT to pick it but it's literally hanging on to almost nothing. So, I'll remove it tonight. I'm happy to say it looks good!!! No blood, puss or anything nasty in sight. It looks reasonably dry under the scab too and I can't see any pigment it just looks pink

Day 8
So the scab has gone!! Finally. The first image below is when the scab had fallen off. On the left is it covered with makeup. There is still a bit of scab left which is still glued to my skin so I will leave that alone. I'll post another photo when it's healed completely.

End Results Part 2
Technically I'm still healing but I want to start stage 3 soon so I thought I would show you the results of treatment 2. The part top right is completely flush with my skin. The lower part is raised a little. Most people would probably leave it be now but I feel one more little treatment will finish this mole off for good. The mole looks quite  a lot bigger and raised than it actually is. 

As I say i'm still healing. It is only day 10 so considering how it was a few days a go its healing really well... I'm still totally amazed at the results! 
Watch this space!

Was it worth the effort?
Yes!!! I bought a natural organic product off Amazon for less than a tenner which got rid of my 27 year old mole. How can you complain about that!?

Would you do it again?
100% yes

Does it hurt?
No. The filing isn't too pleasant. The plaster gets annoying and one morning it felt a little uncomfortable but it never hurt me.

Where can I get this magical product from?

So, what is the mother?
Braggs contains the amazing Mother of Vinegar which occurs naturally as strand-like enzymes of connected protein molecules. To me, it's the mother fucking best thing ever.

How do you remove a mole with apple cider vinegar?
Click here

Mr. Mole needs another mini blast...
Part 3 coming soon!

Charlotte x


*ACV is diluted acid so it could irritate or burn your skin if used without caution*

* Please research melanoma and get any moles checked out by a dermatologist*

I was fully aware that I could be left with a scar where my mole originally was. But to be honest, I would prefer a scar. It is recommended to visit a doctor to get moles checked out before getting them removed. Any questions PLEASE comment or email me, I will give advice where I can.

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  1. I did something similar for a mole on my body, but instead I used castor oil and baking soda. It really works! The mole flattened and scabbed, just like your photos show the ACV working. I love natural products! I think ACV might work a little more slowly, but that may be better for the face to minimize scarring. The castor oil/baking soda solution burns, you can feel it working.

  2. Cannot believe how well this worked! Thank you for sharing. I can't wait to try it - and to see Part 3!


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