How to Remove a Mole with Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) at Home: Part 1

Here I am again, mole busting! It's a long post, sorry. With some raw unedited totally natural and REAL photos (not sorry). If you haven't checked out my previous mole removal post, take a look here.

I've gone for a different technique this time... unfortunately because Dermatend has been taken off the shelves (see why here). This one is completely natural and you probably won't believe it even works but it does (I'm still in shock) 
Please read the small print at the bottom of the page. I am not a doctor or beautician, just an average person with a mole who has tried a DIY removal experiment at home.

I followed the instructions and recommendations and IT WORKS.

So, I left the old 'beauty spot' on my face mainly because I liked it as it was unique to me. Plus, I wanted to see how the other moles turned out after I'd blasted it. I had a good think and I decided that the mole would only get bigger and bigger until I resembled that of Nanny McPhee, so, it had to go. By the way, my old moles have been absolutely fine, they haven't grown back and I've had no trouble whatsoever with them. So, I plucked up the courage to zap my 27 year old mole...But the Dermatend I'd bought had completely lost its power, it did nothing at all to my ever growing mole. 

I decided to look elsewhere. I did some more research. I found an amazing blog post by Don't Waste the Crumbs. I was in disbelief. How on earth could a product which you could buy in supermarkets zap moles from your face for a fraction of the price of surgery? 

My mole is not as raised and I was flabbergasted how easy it was. It actually worked.

I thought what the heck, I'll give it a go. After having this ever growing mole since birth it's time for us to go our separate ways. I read somewhere that someone said "raised moles" are really what most people just call "bumps on the face." I'm sorry to break it to you but most people don't see them as this. Most people see a big fat brown mole on your face. As you'll see from the photos, my mole was quite raised.

I followed the instructions and recommendations and IT WORKS. 

Mole Blasting Pt 1

Initial Results
I tried to take a photo for you every day.
When I took the plaster off in the morning my mole resembled something similar to a blister. Gross. It was white and much flatter. Yay. Take that Mr. Mole. The mole then scabbed over and turned black. Yes, ugly I know but it was worth it. The first time I did this I did this every night for around a week! I also zapped it in the evenings whilst sitting watching TV by just placing the ear bud directly on the mole soaked in Apple Cider Vinegar because the sides of the mole didn't really get blasted with the plaster.

The third photo looks a little out of place but this is genuinely how it looked. This shows how it was actually sunked in the middle.

Having had a full on dry scabby face for about 4 days I could not resist taking a peek underneath. It was looking good! Please try to resist picking off the scab in the first few days as this will stop the healing process. When the scab came off the pigment had decreased from my mole on the rim of the mole. I was scared I could be left with a large pit in the middle of the mole. It was quite sunken but still had a scab in the middle, so I left it to heal. Once the scab had fallen off I decided to give it another little zap with a soaked ACV ear bud (last photo below) and as you can see it scabbed around the higher parts of the mole.

End Results Part 1
One treatment has not removed it entirely but it has certainly reduced it. The photos don't really do it justice. My family and I are so impressed. My mole is not as raised and I was flabbergasted how easy it was. It actually worked. I gave it around 2 weeks to heal. In this time the mole flattened out again, not not half as raised as it was though. The colour had still decreased, almost to nothing but a flesh coloured mole. It resembled a raised round spot. It was much easier to cover with makeup. You can't really tell from the photo but the height of the mole has decreased massively.

I am happy to give the mole as many treatments as it needs until it has gone completely. The Apple Cider Vinegar did not penetrate the mole deep enough and will need another session. I think the older and/or bigger the mole the more treatment it will require. Having had mine for almost 30 years it is bound to need a bit more work.

If your mole is flat but has pigment you may only need one session. My mum was so impressed she tried it on a flat mole on her cheek and it totally took the pigment from it.

Oops: I used an illuminating moisturiser under my makeup so the mole  looks a little more raised on the photo (above: right) because of this.

Mr. Mole needs another blast...
See Part 2 here
I am currently on Day 10 of Mole blasting Pt.2 and it's going very well. I'm still healing! The results are pretty amazing.

How to remove moles with Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)
What you need:

Apple Cider Vinegar (I recommend this: Braggs Organic) CLICK HERE
Ear buds / Q-Tips (or cotton balls) CLICK HERE
Nail File ( I used standard emery boards) CLICK HERE
Spot Plasters CLICK HERE
Healing cream (I used this)

Ok, ready? 

Grab a nail file and file the mole. 
I found the more you file the easier it is for the Apple Cider Vinegar to work its magic. Probably because the surface has been scratched so it can penetrate the mole better. Try to file this evenly. I have read that poking the mole with a needle can also help but I don't recommend this.

I have read that some people surround the mole with vaseline (to stop the Apple Cider Vinegar burning the skin around it). I tried this but the plaster did not stick to my skin so I threw that idea out the window. I found the Apple Cider Vinegar did not burn my skin. I just had a small red mark from the sticky plaster but this can easily be covered with makeup and disappeared in a few hours. It's like the ACV knows the mole should not be there.

Give the wondrous Apple Cider Vinegar a good shake to get that mother working. 
I think this part is important because some of the strength sits at the bottom of the bottle. 

Get your plaster ready. 
I place it face up on the counter (so the white pad on the plaster is facing up)

Dip the ear bud / q tip into the Apple Cider Vinegar so it is saturated. 
Gently squeeze any excess off (the plaster won't stick to your skin if it's too wet). It needs to be wet but not dripping.

Pull off the end of the ear bud so you're left with a little wet ball.

Place the ball on the center of the plaster. 
Line it up with the mole you want to zap and carefully stick it down. It does take a little bit of practice.

Sit back and relax.
You may feel a stinging sensation but this is good news, this means it is working! 
I go to bed with the plaster on and I take it off in the morning (it normally has a good 7 to 8 hrs)

I kept on doing it even once the mole had turned black. Once it looked dry and sunken I stopped. If at anytime you're unsure whether to blast it again it is probably best to leave it and see the results before blasting again.

Try not to pick at it! This will help prevent scarring and speed up the healing process.

The Pros & Cons of Removing a Mole with Apple Cider Vinegar
The Pros massively outweigh the cons...

- Cost effective
- No plastic surgery
- Organic and natural
- Does not hurt
- You can do this at home
- Works on warts, skin tags (I have not tested this)
- Other skin benefits (see here)

- Took a while to see results
- You need patience
- May take more than one treatment
- Quite fiddly with the plaster
- The smell of vinegar gets a bit annoying
- You have to wear a plaster on your face at night
- You have a scab for a few days
- Potential scar (but this is the same with surgery)

So, whats this Secret Mole Busting Product?
Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (with the Mother)

^ Click the above image to buy from Amazon or CLICK HERE ^

See my Mole Blasting Part 2 results here


*ACV is diluted acid so it could irritate or burn your skin if used without caution*

* Please research melanoma and get any moles checked out by a dermatologist*

I was fully aware that I could be left with a scar where my mole originally was. But to be honest, I would prefer a scar. It is recommended to visit a doctor to get moles checked out before getting them removed. Any questions PLEASE comment or email me, I will give advice where I can.

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  1. Well, I have personally tried apple cider vinegar mole removal procedure, and it actually helped to get rid of moles on my face and body.


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