Winner of Vote for Britain's National Bird

Did you vote for Britains favourite National bird?

I did. I voted for the Robin! 
It was tough though, I was tempted by the Barn Owl and the Wren but I think the Robin is iconic. 

And the winner is....

The Robin!

Here's a photo I took of our robin who is nesting in the conifers at home

Over 200,000 people voted and the robin won with 34% of the vote. Wouldn't it be nice for Britain to have the classic robin as a national emblem. 

The Barn Owl came in second place and the Blackbird third. 

David who set up the campaign "is a naturalist, writer, broadcaster, speaker, photographer, wildlife tour leader and educationist." (Source & website here). Apparently "Mr Lindo said he would speak to the Government once the public had voted to see if the winner can be awarded the title officially." (Source here)

You can find the campaign results here

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