June Wishlist

Hey folks! 

Summer is here.. I think. Hope everyone is having a fun time in June! I'm so excited for this weekend. We are off to the Lakes then going up to Edinburgh! I'm crossing my fingers for warm dry weather but us Brits know anything could happen between now and then. 

I've been eyeing up the Dubarry Clover skirt for months, so I purchased it! It's really lovely as it's 100% wool, fully lined and has cute little leather pockets. Being petite, it looks a lot better (on me personally) with heels but also looks fab with my Dubarry Galways. Dubarry have a matching waistcoat (See Daisy Dubarry Waistcoat here) which looks beautiful! 

I nipped into Boots after I saw on Twitter that Soap and Glory had released a new range of Fragrance mists. I snapped up the Sugar Crush Body spray (£4) and it's so fresh. I spritz throughout the day for an instant pick me up. I sampled the Fruitigo Fragrance Mist and the scent lasted much longer than the body spray. So, these are on the wishlist! 

The Rydale shirt was a massive HIT and a brilliant bargain at £9.99. It fits great and the quality is amazing for the price. I'll be looking at getting a few more of these in different colours for a smart/casual look and they have a "2 shirts for £18.00" offer on! 

Love this sporty style Jack Wills bikini crop. It will work well mixing and matching the hundreds of bikini bottoms I own (I have issues). 

The Sleep In Rollers... Earlier this week I tried x 2 rollers in my hair which I found at the back of my draw for the very first time. I cut my own hair at the weekend and it's great. The rollers are so good, instant wonder woman hair. You may know I have a phobia of hairdressers so i'm happy it worked out well by doing it myself. I may blog about it soon. These rollers look super and come with clips and pins too! 

Designed by Nature have another set of gorgeous earrings that really tease my love of nature. Silver, cute, delicate and classy. 

The crazy panda by Chuppon is a self watering planter. It uses the straw to draw water from the cup. I spotted this on Firebox and it works! I planted the seeds and they had sprouted in 4 days - amazing. 

You can brighten up your Fairfax & Favor Regina's with coloured tassels - see my previous post here for more colours. They have recently released a load of funky colours; zebra, leopard print (tan, blue and pink) and snake skin! You could show off a different colour everyday of the week. 

1 - Rydale Hannah Country Check Shirt - Tattersall - £9.99GBP (Get 2 for £18.00 on their site!)
2 - Dubarry - Clover Tweed Mini Skirt (Acorn) £149.00GBP
3 - Soap & Glory - Fragrance Mist (Fruitigo) - £10.00GBP (Boots have a 3 for 2 on S&G at the moment!)
4 - Soap & Glory - Fragrance Mist (Lime Crush) - £10.00GBP  (Boots have a 3 for 2 on S&G at the moment!)
5 - Jack Wills Bikini Crop Top - £29.50GBP (ASOS offer Free Delivery)
6 - Sleep in Rollers - I woke up this this - £25.00GBP
7 - Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Lipshine (Revuse) - £25.00GBP
8 - Designed by Nature - Receptacles Stars Earrings (Silver) - £45.00GBP 
9 - Chuppon Self Watering Animal Planter (Panda / Basil) - £9.99GBP
10 - Fairfax & Favor - Boot Tassels for Regina Boots (Midnight Blue) - £20.00GBP

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