Tofu Cute - OMG!

Last month I was casually browsing Instagram when I spotted the cutest box of Japanese and Korean goodies ever. I messaged the person who posted the photo and they told me it was a Kawaii Box. I subscribed, obviously. It has just been dispatched so it should arrive in two weeks!

In the mean time, I could not wait for it to arrive so I did some research and found a company based in Portsmouth, UK called Tofu Cute. They import the goodies for you so it's a lot quicker receiving the items.

I really wanted to Kawaiify my work desk to make it happy, fun and to just brighten my days during the week so I ordered some stationary. Being a designer I can kind of get away with these on my desk haha.

They also sell Japanese snacks and soda drink! My boyfriend is the one who introduced me into Anime - It's amazing. I'm currently watching Death Note. I watch most of them on Netflix but a couple on youtube too. So, last week when they arrived we ate the chocolate filled koala biscuits and banana pocky sticks whilst drinking the Ramune soda whilst watching Death Note - so childish and fun haha.

If anyone is interested in any of the products just drop me a comment or message and I'd be happy to help you find it on their site.

I'll be blogging about the Kawaii Box as soon as it arrives!

Great, friendly service! Thanks Tofu cute x

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