Trip to Pembrokeshire, Wales : Celtic Camping

Hello there campers! I have just about found enough energy to write about our weekend trip to St Davids, Pembrokeshire in Wales!

My boyfriend bought me a tent for my birthday and he found a great website called a few weeks ago. We decided to take a trip to Wales. I grew up camping and jet-skiing and loved visiting Wales when so I do have a bit of a soft spot for it.

We chose the Celtic Camping site for the views, the location and the spectacular reviews. (See reviews here). You can find their official website here.

We took the scenic route which took around 4 hours. We essentially drove West then followed the coast down to Pembrokeshire. Driving through the Pembs National Park was great and we saw some really lovely towns on the way. The extra distance was worth it to see the views on the way down there.

Once we found the campsite (it was really easy to find by the way) we drove straight to Reception. It's always a bit daunting meeting the camping staff because sometimes they're not too friendly but these guys were absolutely lovely. We handed over our booking confirmation, met their dog, Jack and were shown the site. We checked out the toilets and they were literally spotless, the showers were also really clean - very impressive! There is a toilet/shower block, an extra toilet building and a lot of sinks round the corner to wash your pots and pans. 

The Celtic Camping site (photo taken from their site)
The view is spectacular! The only downside is the field is on a slope. But, this is not a problem as there are spots which are flat enough to pitch your tent. We headed to the bottom of the field. The views were more amazing at the top of the field so next time we go we will probably pitch higher up the hill. Another thing, which isn't really too bad because it was nice to get away from technology for a while was the lack of phone signal (no signal, no wifi, no 3G or even GPRS - literally nothing). My boyfriend managed to get a enough signal at reception so I could call home but that was it. 

Luckily on the Friday the weather was spot on. We opened a can of lager and cracked on pitching up our tent. We went for a short walk then relaxed and saw a stunning sunset. Absolutely perfect!

As the field is so big everyone on the campsite had their own space. Children had the freedom to run and play around (without disturbing you). The site allows campfires, another necessity. They also sell wood and kindling on site, £5.00 per bag. You can get it cheaper elsewhere but it is handy if you have no room in the car. Although there were other people camping no one disturbed us at all, it was brilliant.

Look at that view. Our little tent looks tiny! 

The following day we went into the closest town, St. Davids and booked an excursion - Voyages of Discovery. I do recommend booking in advance (we didn't). We wanted to do the 2 hour trip but after we paid they warned us they didn't have enough people yet so there was a possibility we would not be able to do the trip (a bit naughty really considering they took our money first). They said they would try and get us on the 1 hour trip instead if they didn't find enough people for the 2 hour.

Once we returned from town we followed the coastal path for about 7 or so miles. Living in the heart of England I rarely get to see the ocean so it was a real treat to see. Every person we met along the way said said hello - so friendly. 

The boat trip to see Ramsey Island was totally worth the hassle at the office! We did the 1 hour trip (due to the weather) and we got to see seals, sea creatures, razorbills, gilluimots and other sea birds. The skipper, Dave also took us into caves and alcoves covered in gorgeous plants and lushness. The guide told us all about the natural wildlife, educated us on the sea and waves. I think I was more excited about it than the children on the boat! It was so fun! We headed back to the RLNI lifeboat station in the rain at high speed in the choppy waves. You forget how cold it can be out at sea but they provided us with big coats and life jackets so it was really enjoyable.

The road down to the station where we boarded our boat.
The RLNI Lifeboat Station (they're building another station to the left to house another boat)
Exploring the caves and alcoves...

Lots and lots of Guillemot's! A RSPB haven. 
Saturday night was spent entirely in our 2 man tent. Including cooking on the gas stove... The weather was pretty awful, but we were expecting it and it made it a fun camping experience especially whilst drinking a bottle of Châteauneuf-du-Pape. The rain continued till the early morning so we hardly slept that night because of the weather. We packed the tent up in the rain as soon as it was light enough! 

We stopped off on the way home to check out this beach! 
If you stay here I really do recommend bringing a windbreak (or two) as you are very close to the coast so it can get windy, plus the rainy weather we experienced made it worse. Without these we would have been sleeping in the car! 

We really want to return here with friends so they can share the same great experience as us! 

Thank you Ian and family for providing such a great, relaxed, friendly and welcoming campsite. 

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Where is it?
Celtic Camping, Pwllcaerog Farm, St Davids, Pembrokeshire, SA62 6DG

How much did it cost?
£10 per night, per person.

Free large shower and toilet block
Large indoors dining & seating area
Waste disposal points
Electric Hook up facilities
500m from Pembrokeshire coastal path
Campfires allowed | Wood for sale
BBQ’s permitted | Charcoal for sale
Pets welcome
Camping near St Davids
Traditional Pembrokeshire Campsite

Next stop is Patterdale in Cumbria...

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