An Equestrian Inspired Silver Ring from Sylvia Kerr Jewellery

Gorgeous Interlacing Design
The First Ring from Sylvia Kerr Jewellery

Oh my goodness, it's here. Sylvia has released a brand new design and it is glorious. 

It's sitting pretty on my finger and hasn't left my side since it arrived!

Sylvia Kerr Jewellery Silver Interlacing Stirrup Ring

The Collection

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Beautifully crafted in solid sterling silver, 9ct yellow gold & 9ct yellow gold with 4 fine diamonds. In sizes L through to S. Other sizes and carats of rose, yellow and white gold available to order.

"Two elegantly detailed solid silver stirrups intertwine with each other, held in place at either side, with our signature leather strap detailing..."

- Sylvia Kerr Jewellery

The Interlacing Stirrup Ring in Silver
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Sylvia Kerr Jewellery Silver Interlacing Stirrup Ring and Lariat Blenheim Neckchain, Fruitbat Textiles x Charlotte in England Scarf, Great Scot Scotland Waistcoat

- Double stirrup detail measures 8mm x 15mm approx 
- Hallmarked solid sterling silver 925 
- Weight 4.4 gms approx. 
- Available in sizes L through S

"It is very comfortable, I can't even tell I'm wearing it."

The Finer Details

The Silver Interlacing Stirrup Ring up close and personal...

The interlacing design is genius. The detailing is gorgeous. Intricate and yet simple ~ a clever design. It features her signature leather strap detailing so will blend with other pieces effortlessly.

"...a beautiful ring with our subtle equestrian styling."
- Sylvia Kerr Jewellery

Sylvia Kerr Jewellery Silver Interlacing Stirrup Ring

"The detailing will suit any equine lady but because of the beautiful, elegant design, you don't have to be an equestrian lover to wear it."

Sizing & Fit
In sizes L through to S.
Other sizes are available to order.

Material & Design

I'm wearing Silver but also available in rose, yellow and white gold {available to order}. You can see what these look like at the top of my post ^

Sylvia Kerr Jewellery Silver Interlacing Stirrup Ring, Whale of a Time Deck Shirt, John Partridge Wax Jacket

What I'm wearing
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Necklace: Sylvia Kerr Jewellery Silver Stirrup, Horseshoe & Amethyst Necklace CLICK HERE
Wax Jacket: John Partridge Ladies Landowner Wax Walking Jacket - Sage CLICK HERE
Jodhpurs: Toggi Appaloosa High Waist Breeches CLICK HERE
Shirt: Rydale Horse Shoe Wistow Printed Shirt CLICK HERE
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Interlacing Stirrup Ring


Why I love it My thoughts

When it comes to rings, I'm really fussy. The flashy ones get caught in my hair so I rarely wear them unless its for a special occasion. I hate having to take rings off to wash my hands (and can't stand that tarnished finger syndrome you get with costume jewellery) so for a ring to stay put on my finger day and night is really saying something.

It is very comfortable, I can't even tell I'm wearing it. It feels like it has been moulded to my finger! I love all of Sylvia's jewellery but even I am amazed at how comfortable this ring fits, and like I said, I'm fussy when it comes to rings. I'm honestly so pleased with it.

I don't even have to take this off to sleep in. I always take my necklaces and bracelets off to sleep and bathe in but this one stays put on my finger. It has never got caught on clothing, hair or those annoying random pieces of cotton that appear out of thin air. It is pure magic!

It is lovely and lightweight. Elegant and subtly equestrian. A real everyday piece of jewellery that you won't want to take off and don't have to because it's so practical. It's one of my favourite pieces! It's also comfortable to wear when exercising or riding. It's comfortable to wear with gloves too and doesn't get caught on woolly gloves either.

I wear this on my middle finger but I think this would suit any digit, even the thumb.

The detailing will suit any equine lady but because of the beautiful, elegant design, you don't have to be an equestrian lover to wear it.

Priced at £88, I think the Interlacing Stirrup Ring is a steal.

I hate to say the words as we're still in November but with Christmas looming this really would make a beautiful gift.

If you're looking for something which is eye-catching, practical and purse-friendly why not consider the stirrup ring from Sylvia Kerr Jewellery?

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All my love,

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