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A How-To Guide
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A garter tie not only looks smart and completes your outfit but it also has a purpose!

Traditionally, the garter tie for shooting socks was used to hold your socks up and prevent them from falling down on your shoot days.


A How-To Guide
How To Tie A Garter Tie

Without further ado, let's get to it...

Psst ~ I've put together a photo demonstration below...

1 - The hardest part of this tutorial is deciding what to wear beforehand!

2 - Once you have decided what to wear, slip on your socks. I pull my socks right up over the knee to make life easier.

3 - Grab a garter tie and wrap it around your leg. Garters are worn to the side and need to be of equal length so double check they are the same length...

4 - Make a simple 'tie' ~ like the start of tieing your shoe-laces

5 - Check the length again to make sure they are still equal.

6 - Make another tie to secure the garters in place. I try to get this knot as flush to my leg as possible and flat so that I don't have a big bump from the knot.

7 - Pull the top section of the sock down and over the garter tie so it is not visible.

8 - That's it! Now complete the other leg in the same way.

Photo demonstration...

Exactly the same technique is applied whilst wearing boots.

Wear your garters as short or as long as you like! The longer they are the more likely they could get snagged on brambles, pulled by pesky puppies and the like but I like a little of the tie showing not just the tassel. I love the way they look and they give your outfit that little bit 'extra'.

I'd love to see you wearing your garter ties!

All my love,

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