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A handmade business based in Derbyshire

On the look out for some country accessories to spruce up your outfit?

Marsh & Bumble have a wonderful pheasant feather lapel accessory which doubles up as a hair slide. You can also pop it on your fedora hat! Win / Win / Win!

"A little bit of countryside to wear with pride'"
- M&B

Who are Marsh & Bumble?

"Being passionate about the countryside ourselves we figured a lot of other people felt the same too so we created Marsh & Bumble. Every product on this website is handmade, the feathers sourced locally and every cartridge used is real and has been shot.

We wanted something a little different, something to stand out from the crowd, so we created 'a little bit of countryside to wear with pride' M&B X"

Pheasant Feather Accessory
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Real cartridges are used

"Large Sized Feather Slide. Perfect for Hats, Lapels & Hair."

"A real way to really countryfy your whole outfit and look different in the field."

The Finer Details

Material & Design
- Real pheasant feathers
- Shotgun cartridge
- Metal slide at the back

What can I wear it with?


I wear my feather accessory with my Toggi Taymouth coat, my Barbour coat and in my hair!

What I'm wearing
Barbour Beadnell Jacket CLICK HERE
Jack Murphy Rosemary Shirt CLICK HERE
Toggi Rungle Boots * CLICK HERE
Toggi Taymouth Tweed Jacket * CLICK HERE

Marsh & Bumble Pheasant Feather Accessory *


Why I love it My thoughts

This is such a great pick me up accessory and brightens up any country coat or hat! It's affordable so if you're on a tight budget you won't feel guilty about buying it.

I love the fact it can be worn as a hair slide too, a real way to really countryfy your whole outfit and look different in the field.

The feather accessory can be worn every day on your coat or hat or just for special occasions. It's entirely up to you!

Show season has started, so what are you waiting for?
Prices start at just £8 - Take a look what they have to offer!

Thank you so much Marsh & Bumble, I love it!

What do you think? Is this something you would wear?


Want to know more?
Find Marsh & Bumble online here

Facebook: /marshandbumble
Instagram: @marshandbumble

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