Exciting News! * VIDEO * I'm a Spanish Boot Co. Style Advocate!

"They're fast becoming the most comfortable boots I've ever worn... like, ever, ever."

Firstly, apologies! This announcement is a bit late as I've been trying to catch up on blog posts for you (as you know, I never do things by halves - typical me being a perfectionist) and I have been incredibly busy juggling life in general (why do I insist on getting up at 5:20am everyday) (Oh, and we have also just bought two kittens to keep our cat company!!) but anyway...

I'm delighted to announce I am part of the Spanish Boot Company team, as a Style Advocate.

You can find more about The Spanish Boot Co HERE their website is HERE
& more about the Style Advocates HERE

The Spanish Boot Company have been around since 2002 and are the original importers of the Spanish Boot styles to the UK.

You may have seen me wearing these new booties A-L-O-T... I've hardly taken them off, they're molding to my feet and legs SO nicely that they're fast becoming the most comfortable boots I've ever worn... like, ever, ever. And they look absolutely amaziiing. I'll be featuring the Spanish Boot Company Tall Brown Flat Sole Boots in full on my blog soon. I promise!

As a Style Advocate I am willing to offer advice on the SBC (Spanish Boot Company) boots. I received a lovely message from a lady all the way over in America asking for some guidance on the boots she wanted to purchase. Getting emails from you lovely lot really does brighten my day!

In the mean time take a look at this short clip my fiance and I put together. There's some outtakes at the end so make sure to watch those. Working with dogs is a nightmare haha.

All my love

Want to know more?
Find The Spanish Boot Company online here

Facebook: /TheSpanishBootCompany
Instagram: @myspanishboots
YouTube: /TheSpanishBootCo
Twitter: @myspanishboots

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  1. That's awesome news! Loving your latest posts I haven't caught up in a while. The boots look fab and brilliant quality x


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