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Little Motivational Tractor
Hand Made in Cornwall by a Cornish Maid
Gorgeous hand made jewellery and gifts

When I spotted this little beauty on Instagram I just had to have it in my possession!

How cute and inspiring! We all need a little motivation every now and again. I don't know about you, but for me it's daily. So, if you're like me and need a little motivational help, let me introduce you to, Cornish Bluebelle.

Cornish Bluebelle handstamped my tractor with my chosen phrase, 'KEEP GOING' on it.

Who are Cornish Bluebelle?

Cornish Bluebelle make handstamped jewellery, charms and home ware. They have an online shop on Etsy.

Handstamped Personalised Tractor
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Handmade item
Silver in colour
Made to order
All orders will be supplied in a gift box.
Only ships within United Kingdom.

Hand stamped jewellery isn’t meant to always look 100% uniform. Each letter, number and design is stamped into the silver one by one so there will be variations in depth and spacing. This is all part of the rustic charm of handmade jewellery and is not classed as a fault.

What helps you stay motivated?
I am a big fan of lists. And reminders. I have a ridiculous about of reminders set on my phone. But, it works for me! It gives me that extra push to complete a task, be it big or small. It also means I rarely forget to do anything (this also makes you appear really organised even though you're really just winging life and running around like a headless chicken)

I'm also influenced by positive, happy people (yes, you!) and inspiring art and of course my new little tractor.

"I firmly believe that motivational quotes and inspiring artwork has a positive effect on your attitude and well-being."

Last year was a huge learning curve for me so this year in particular I am making more time for me. This means, taking a relaxing bath (I know right? I can count on one hand how many times I took a nice bubble bath last year - not happening this year), taking better care of my skin (aka, maintaining a daily skin care routine, face masks) and just generally not giving myself such a hard time for not achieving everythinggg on my to do list. My reason for this is... Less stress = More productive + Happier in general.

Staying motivated is all inside your head but being surrounded by happy people and being positively influenced by people who are worth following (non of this reality TV stuff) will change your mentality massively. Don't let negative people drag you down. It's so un-healthy for the soul as these people drain the life (and your motivation) out of you. Honestly, I could go on and on about this for hours but I won't bore you :)

And finally, try to have some sort of goal in mind. "I must complete "blah" by this dateand mean it! But remember, we ALL need down time every now and again. It's ok to go off the radar every now and again to recuperate and no one should not feel bad for doing so.

The Finer Details
Cornish Bluebelle tractor up close and personal...

6cm (width) x 4.5cm (height)

Material & Design

The tractor is silver in colour. Despite it's size it packs a punch with it's inspirational quote!

I want it!
Cornish Bluebelle Personalised Tractor Decoration * CLICK HERE


Why I love it My thoughts

I love this because it keeps me on track with my goals and achievements.

I think could do with one of these in their home!

I firmly believe that motivational quotes and inspiring artwork has a positive effect on your attitude and well-being.

Before you go, I just HAVE to show you these... Cornish Bluebelle also make some really (really) cute jewellery and gift ideas for your loved ones (or yourself!) 

These beauties are all avaliable on Etsy


By the way:
This is a personalised item so can be stamped with anything you like; your childs name, a friends name, a motivational quote, your favourite saying etc etc

I see it every morning and evening so it reminds me that sometimes, life in general can be tough but you can do it! Sometimes you need spurring on. Whenever I look at this, it's a reminder to me to KEEP GOING and push forward!

Thank you so much Cornish Bluebelle for making this beautiful piece for me. It has saved me a few times already!


Want to know more?
Find Cornish Bluebelle online shop here

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Products marked with an asterisk * have been donated to me for review. All opinions are my own and I will always be honest and truthful. Design, photography, wording. opinions and quotes (in gold and black) by self. 

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