Foxdenton Estate: Golden Apricot Gin

Made from English Apricots
Specialists in English Gin & Gin Liqueurs created and bottled in Britain

When it comes to gin, Foxdenton seriously deserves some recognition. 

I've been sampling this fruity gin for a few weeks and all I can say is... I'm craving another bottle! It is a wonderful blend of Golden Apricot and London Dry Gin. It is seriously delicious.

"This beautiful new blend of apricot gin delicately satisfies the taste buds."

I've given Foxdenton Golden Apricot gin my seal of approval
Want to know why I've given this gin my seal of approval?
Carry on reading and check out what I thought in my 'Why I Love It' section below...

Who are Foxdenton?

Specialists in English Gin & Gin Liqueurs

"Foxdenton Estate Gin was founded by the Radclyffe family in 1935 to preserve a small part of England. Today they are the makers of the most traditional English fruit based gin liqueurs, created and bottled in Britain.

Our aim is to make a good local English drink based on traditional recipes. We have expanded our range by producing a special High Strength Gin known as Foxdenton 48% aimed at the growing group of discerning drinkers for whom strength and flavour are important."

"We are a family run business that specialises in the production of English Gin & Gin Liqueurs"
- Foxdenton Estate

Nick Radclyffe & his Son, Piers. 

Foxdenton Golden Apricot Gin

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"Made from English Apricots grown by a religious community near to us in Northampton. These are compounded with London Dry Gin and sugar to make this beautiful golden liqueur. Delicious neat anytime."

Apricot Gin
ABV 17.5%
Made and bottled in Britain

"It is seriously delicious"
🀀πŸ₯ƒπŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ Yum! Golden Apricot @foxdentonestate gin πŸ˜‹ How's everyone's weekend going? I've just had a long soak in the bath πŸ›€ Now having a well deserved glass of tasty Foxdenton Golden Apricot Gin after a day of gardening πŸ˜…πŸ‘©πŸ»‍🌾 Only went and mowed the lawn too πŸ™ˆ not sure if it's too soon but it looks so much nicer πŸ‘ŒπŸ» . Foxdenton Estate Gin: Golden Apricot Gin @foxdentonestate Centrepiece: Duck and Green Pheasant @wingfielddigby . #ginsunday #foxdenton #foxdentongin #goldenapricot #apricot #gin #evening #wingfielddigby #duck #pheasant #sundayfunday #english #cutglass #pheasant #pheasants #oilpainting #astrolabe #sextante #telescope #interior #interiordesign #countryhomes #englishhome #antique #vintage #england #uk
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The Finer Details
Foxdenton up close and personal...

Bottle Design
Understated and simple. The traditional heritage style branding is spot on. I'll be adding this one to my gin bottle collection!

Cocktail Recipe
I have tried the Golden Apricot White Lady cocktail but the gin has such an impact it is nice enough to drink on its own. But, if you're intrigued try the recipe below:

Golden Apricot White Lady
50ml Foxdenton Estate Gin Golden Apricot Gin
25ml Sugar Syrup
25ml Lemon Juice
An Orange

What's so special about Foxdenton Estate Gin?
The Taste
Three words: Smooth, fruity and delicious.
Read more of my thoughts below on 'Why I Love it' section...

The History
I really enjoyed learning the history of the Foxdenton Estate. I think it is truly fascinating that the estate was first acquired in 1367 and has since been handed down and kept in the Radclyffe family over the generations.

If you're interested in the Foxdenton Estate and Radclyffe History you can find out more here

These wonderful photographs have been captured by Hannah Buckland Photography. 

Foxdenton Estate Golden Apricot Gin *


Why I love it My thoughts

This beautiful new blend of golden apricot gin delicately satisfies the taste buds. It is a sophisticated British drink and perfect for somebody who enjoys a mellow drink of an evening. I dare say this is so delicious you can drink it anytime of the day.

I recommend you drink this flavoursome gin neat to fully experience the unique blend. The fruity taste and smooth texture make it the perfect drink to accompany you in the rolling countryside and on the field. Hip flasks at the ready!

The colour of the gin is pleasing; a golden amber colour which is contrary to other gins I have come across.

To drink, it is impeccably smooth and the lasting aftertaste is truly amazing. I had to restrain myself from finishing the bottle in one sitting, it is so yummy! It does have a rich taste but it is not cloying, it is moreish and somewhat refreshing. First, it is sweet then the impact of the apricot instantly hits your taste buds! It is like a warm hug - gin style.

"The nose is very full of Almonds and almost smells like marzipan. However, the taste is a lovely sweet apricot."

It also makes a great feature on your drinks cabinet. The bottle is understated and the branding is traditional,  sophisticated and depicts their ancestry.

It really does deserve some recognition and is a total hit! Now the weather is finally improving this will make a great summer liqueur.

Fruity Gin your thing?
Foxdenton also makes Sloe gin, Damson Gin, Winslow Gin and so much more...

Thank you so much Foxdenton for allowing me to sample your truly special gin! It has been a real treat and deserves some attention. It is heartwarming to see you continue with your families tradition of gin making. I am pleased to say I can genuinely recommend your gin to everyone! 

Are you a gin-ologist/gin expert?! Have you sampled it? If not, you have to try this!


Want to know more?
Find Foxdenton online here

Facebook: /Foxdenton-Estate
Instagram: @foxdentonestate
Twitter: /foxdentonestate

Products marked with an asterisk * have been donated to me for review. All opinions are my own and I will always be honest and truthful. Design, photography of Golden Apricot gin, wording. opinions and quotes (in gold and black) by self. Photographs of Nicolas, Piers and the gin making process taken by Hannah Buckland Fruit Gin Bottles took from

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