Kate Latimer: Taxidermy Fascinator & Gamebird pin

Country inspired taxidermy accessories
"Naturally beautiful creations"

You may have heard of the wonderful taxidermist and millinery specialist, Kate Latimer.

If you haven't heard about Kate you can visit her site, here

I think there's something quite beautiful about preserving nature, especially when you can wear it and appreciate its beauty. Although she shoots, Kate has respect for the dead and is a keen conservationist. Her craft work, precision and patience is incredible. 

If you live in the countryside you've seen your fair share of deceased wildlife. Kate takes it upon herself to make the most of this situation by turning it into artistic pieces.

Due to the nature of the subject matter each piece she creates is unique.

The Feather Fascinator

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"Perfect for a subtle, stylish look…"

The feather fascinator is perfect for weddings, the races and parties! A country tweed headband with pheasant feathers attached. The ends of the metal hairband are finished with suede for a more comfortable fit.

Wearing: Kate Latimer feather fascinator, Jack Murphy Beth jacket, Fairfax and Favor Explorer boots 

The Gamebird Pin
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Add a flash of colour to your outfit

Looks great on a tweed jacket this shooting season. Great for those days when you want to show off a little.

The Finer Details
Kate Latimer Taxidermy creations up close and personal...

Logo & Packaging
Sleek black packaging which truly shows off Kate's personality.

Want to see more?
Just take a look at her unique beautiful creations...

Prices start at £8.95

"It’s fair to say that Kate is a perfectionist, always striving to become better with each item she works on."

Yes ladies, those are indeed some boot tassels! Perfect for your Fairfax & Favors!

I'm dreaming of a... Taxidermy Christmas

Kate has made some awesome Christmas baubles... Fabulous!
See more of Kate Latimer Christmas Decorations

Learn Taxidermy

Fancy your hand at taxidermy? Why not take a class with Kate?
More information on her website, here.

Have you been to any of Kate's classes or do you own any her millinery?


Kate is constantly updating her collection so keep your eyes peeled for her new collections 

Well done Kate on designing these stunning creations.



Want to know more?
Find the Kate Latimer online shop here

Instagram: /KateLatimerTaxidermist
Facebook: /KateLatimerTaxidermist

Quotes in grey taken from www.katelatimer.co.uk. Design, photography, wording. opinions and quotes (in gold) by self.

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