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I'm so happy to introduce you all to the bold and brave, Sporting Hares

Who are Sporting Hares?
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Firstly, sorry I've been off the scene for a while. I truly did not anticipate how time consuming it would be buying a house, moving in and creating a mini zoo (we have two kittens and two puppies now! You can see them growing up on Instagram)

For countrywear I think the Beauchamp Paddock Green blazer is startling and sure as hell makes a statement but why not? Its bold and beautiful (I am bias to the colour green though). Probably like most country folk, a lot of my wardrobe items are understated so this punchy green makes a refreshing change. Sported with jeans, a dress or a skirt the blazer finishes any outfit off nicely.

"The Beauchamp blazer nails preppy-country style and it's unquestionably fashionable."

The contrasting embroidered boxing hares on the blazers really do it for me. It adds a fun element to the jacket and really emphasizes their promised preppy country style.

I love the shape of the blazer, its not your typical country jacket. The Beauchamp is charming & glamorous with an equestrian characteristic.

"Preppy countryside products that complement the adventurous 
British lifestyle" 

Watch the Beauchamp in action

What I'm wearing: Sporting Hares Beachamp Blazer in Paddock Green, Jack Wills Ashlawn Shirt, River Island Molly White Jeans, Fairfax & Favor Regina Boots in Tan with Midnight Blue tassels
Logo & Packaging
In true British style Sporting Hares have adorned the Union Jack in their logo and marketing. I think they have nailed what they want to achieve for the countrywear market. They have retained the element of elegance with the choice of colours and Union Jack and yet the witty font adds a pinch of fun. It's a good balance, tally ho!

The two fighting hares gold embroidered logo is striking. It reminds me of Emily Bonds beautiful textiles & fabric.Very country and truly British.

The packaging is wonderful. The silver foil detailing for the logo and decorative artwork on the box panels take it from a mediocre box to luxury packaging. I'd happily give this as a gift to a loved one knowing it would be well received.

The blazer itself was wrapped in Sporting Hares navy tissue paper decorated with a flurry of logos and sealed with a branded sticker, another nice touch. The carry handle is also useful if you were to buy from a country fair (also so you can show off your new Sporting Hares attire!)

Beauchamp Features
"Charming & Glamorous"
Sizing & Fit

I love how the jacket sits on your rear end. The split up the back is charming and adds a little glamour to the usual country jacket. Some countrywear can be drab (sorry!) but this little touch sets it apart from the rest.

Yes ladies, there is a petite option! Only available so far in an 8 Petite.

I went for the 8P (Petite) and the sizing is great. I was a little worried it would come up big but it was spot on. Big enough to wear a lightweight jumper and shirt underneath but tailored in the right places to still give a nice snug fit.

It does not feel tight on my shoulders or underarms. It sits nicely length wise.


The Beauchamp in my opinion feels lightweight for a jacket. I think this is due to the wool-blend (wool fibres mixed with natural and/or man made fibres) and personally this is a bonus! This means you can wear it all year long. I often make the mistake of choosing the wrong clothing for the wrong weather (you can never win!) but this would be great for most weather (maybe not so practical for our two days of summer)

The luxurious purple taffeta-silk lining is a great choice of colour. The contrast in colour accentuates the cheerful vibe the Sporting Hares brand are trying to achieve.

The Paddock Green colour is bright, but its not garish.

The wool-blend fabric is not stretchy but luckily thanks to the tailored cut design it fits nicely.

Fabric Details
- Luxurious wool-blend
- Taffeta-silk lining
- Velvet under collar
-Fitted design
- Wooden buttons
- Real opening cuffs

How to wash:
Hand wash or Dry Clean only. Safe for ironing. Dry horizontally.
(I have not washed my blazer yet so cannot comment on the recommended instructions)

The striking white and navy velvet stripe on the underside of the collar is a great touch and in true Sporting Hares style adds a sharp contrast to the blazer. It also helps to keep the shape of the jacket. The collar can be worn up or down depending on how preppy you're feeling.

The real wooden buttons add an extra element of luxury to the blazer.
In total there are 11 buttons on the blazer; three on each wrist, two on the back (faux fasteners) one on the inside pocket and two which fasten at the front.


Finer details
The Beauchamp up close and personal...

What can I wear it with?

This jacket will take you all through spring to winter, countryside to city. Heels or wellies.

For the brighter colours (especially Huntsman Red and Paddock Green) its probably best to stick with plain colours in black, white or nude for your top half. Bottom half can easily be matched with jeans, jodphurs, skirt or even a dress, again in fairly plain colours.


Sporting Hares Ascot Wellies or Dubarry Galway boots and some Preppy socks. Alternatively some Dubarry Cork ankle boots or Fairfax & Favor Regina boots or dress it up with your favourite sky high heels. Easy.


A fur hat or Holland Cooper Trilby would look beautiful with the Beauchamp Blazer in any colour! You could also accessorize with gold jewellery to emphasize the embroidery. Add a scarf with some matching colour tones to your blazer, or add stark contrast and a pop of alternative colour with a silk scarf. If the weather is fine grab your KINGS sunglasses and your look is complete.


Tan looks good with almost everything. Alternately black. Anything too bold or patterned will draw attention from the blazer and/or clash massively.


Free shipping! Free Returns & Worldwide shipping!

I received my Beauchamp blazer very quickly. The Sporting Hares are friendly, the customer service was excellent and so was the postage.

"Quicker than the tortoise & the hare"

My thoughts

I absolutely love my Beauchamp to bits. I was thoroughly impressed when I initially opened the packaging and was even more thrilled when it fit like a dream. The more I wear it the more I like it. I'm happy I chose the vibrant colour. It really stands out, it's beautiful.

Although this jacket is practical I would not dream of taking this jacket somewhere where mud is in abundance, its just too nice. For me, it's perfect dress attire so I wouldn't wear it for mucking out or hiking. I would wear it for a meal, party gathering or a walk down the pub with the dogs. Chuck on your Barbour over the top and your Beauchamp is safe for anything.

The Beauchamp blazer nails preppy-country style and it's unquestionably fashionable.

The Huntsman Red and the Preppy socks are already on my wishlist. I'd love to see a Sporting Hares waistcoat, silk scarf or jodhpurs!

Do you own any Sporting Hares attire?

Compliments to Sporting Hares for crafting a unique and stunning blazer.


Want to know more?
Find Sporting Hares online shop here or read more about them on my blog here.

Facebook: /sportinghares
Twitter: @sportinghares
Tel: 01686 640678

Quotes in blue taken from Design, wording and Photography by self.

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