What I'm Loving...

The Great British Weather
Everywhere looks so beautiful at the moment and I'm appreciating every second of it. Here's some photos I took recently. See more on my Instagram page.

Jack Wills Ashlawn Shirt
Love, love, love my new Jack Wills Ashlawn shirt. I grabbed it in the sale for a bargain price of £20. I tested it out on a shopping trip with my Grandma and Mum and it was great. See photos of me wearing it here

Benefit Beauty Kits
I've heard so many wonderful things about Benefit so I decided to get two of their beauty kits. I found lookfantastic.com were the cheapest with their 20% off voucher. I wanted to try a few minis before splashing out on the full sized products. I find they are quite expensive so I'm excited to see if they live up to the hype. I have tried the "Porefessional"and "That Gal" primers and they're great!

I bought "How to Look the Best at Everything" (Medium) and "Do the Bright Thing". I got a free mini bottle of Instant Comeback Serum too.

How to Look the Best at Everything (Medium)

Do the Bright Thing

Goodbye Nitrite!
Yes. Finally! Pretty boring for everyone else but this has taken over me life over the past month or so. My (pretty much) daily partial water changes the past week or so and water testing have finally paid off and I've got my toxic nitrite levels in my fish tank down to 0ppm aka ZERO. It's been a real journey and I had no idea the process of the nitrate cycle was so involved before I took the plunge and bought my tank. Happy Fishies = Happy Charlotte.

Latest water reading on the right.

Hair Detox
Embrace natural scruffy hair! Using heat daily on your hair is no good. So, I'm beginning a "Hair Detox". A no heat challenge.

I'm currently on Day 2 and things are great. I've also made a note in my diary to get it cut every 6 weeks (apparently this is a MUST for long hair) to get rid of those pesky split ends. I hate the hairdressers but my hair needs some TLC so I'm going to stick to it. I'll make a progress blog post.

Au Naturel hair (Day 2)

Photo Collage Photo Frame Wall
I've been meaning to do this for (literally) YEARS. I'm finally pulled my finger out and got my frames and prints together. I'm planning on putting it above my headboard in my bedroom. I'll write a post about this soon!

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