Sunshine = Pool Party Weather!

Once a year I try and have a get together and see some friends and make the most of the weather during our few weeks of summer! With everyone booking holidays it's hard to get people together on the same day but what I find  harder is picking a day when the sun shines!

I was jammy enough to get a glorious sun filled day!

My dress is from Boohoo. I have only worn it once before so I was dying to wear it again this year! I love it so much I have just bought it in black too. Earrings are from Claire's Accessories. Wedge heels are from Next.

All the inflatables were from Amazon (their Prime service was amazing and everything arrived on time - so quick!) or eBay.

By the way, for the record... Jack Daniels and Amaretto mixed with a splash of coca cola taste amazing as a cocktail drink but make you feel really poorly the next day!

Hope you have been enjoying the summer sunshine!

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