Recent Purchase: The Regina Fairfax & Favor Boot

So, I bought them!

They're just as beautiful as I imagined. I'm so happy with them! 

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The tan leather is so soft and a really lovely shade. I love tan! They match my Cambridge Satchel brilliantly. The zip feels durable and strong. The soles are leather too which just adds to their elegance. The sizing is spot on. I read online that a lady said they were tight fitting but I do not believe this is the case. Fairfax & Favor have added a stretch back to the boots to make them a comfortable fit. If anything I think they could get away with being a little tighter but I guess everyone is different. 

"They're just as beautiful as I imagined"

The packaging and presentation was wonderful. I love the finishes touches and the hand written note as it added a real personal element and was a great surprise. The boots were wrapped in a branded fabric cloth inside the box. From a designers point of view they have nailed their branding and gone the extra mile with the print and added extras. It really does make a difference. 

The leather is quite light. By light, I mean it's not padded and is not really thick material. I love my Dubarrys but I think for Spring / Summer they feel a bit heavy for warmer months. These will be perfect for the summery weather and they look smart enough to wear in the day or evening. 

The inside of the boots have an orange shade of leather and a lovely Fairfax & Favor logo stamp. The stitching is a work of art. You can see some close up photographs I have taken further down the page...

I have worn them here with white jeans, a polo shirt and my tweed blazer but I'm confident these will look great with a skirt and/or dress too. My legs are annoyingly short so I have to buy petite jeans. These do come up quite high on my little legs but I love how they look. Depending on your leg length these will look different, I guess this is the same with any boots.  

The zip is on the outside of the boot which is a nice change. All I need now is some Fairfax & Favour coloured tassels (see the range here)

The Regina Boot, £299GBP

I am so happy with them and I can't wait to wear them more and more! Plus, I really like the tassels because they give the boot a bit more character and they look great as you walk because they happily swing along with you. 

The only downside would be (which isn't really a downside because I love the leather sole but) like all leather soles, they are quite slippy. I have a habit of running everywhere and walking quite fast so I do have to walk slower in these just so I don't fall over. I fell over recently (not wearing the boots) but in fluffy socks in an intoxicated Jack Daniels manner. After sprinting and flying on laminate flooring I now have a lovely black bruise on my hip! I'll save my clumsy idiotic behaviour another time... haha

I have been careful not to wear these out when it has been raining. If you live in the UK you will be well aware of our ever changing weather so I am going to research and invest in some good suede protector for them!

Have you checked out their NEW Windsor Handbag range? They're to die for... See here

Fairfax and Favor offer a FREE next day delivery service. I ordered before 3pm and they arrived as promised the next day which in my eyes is excellent service.

Top work guys and thank you for such a great service and creating fantastic footwear!

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