Back in the Saddle

Well... it's been a long time coming but guess who's back in the saddle! When I was growing up I was beyond pony obsessed. Sadly I grew out of it but i've been yearning to get back on a horse for years.

When my boyfriend said he was up for it I quickly took him up on the offer and booked us both a private lesson. 

It was so much better than I expected! Having not sat on a horse for 15 years I thought the instructor would have asked me to walk around for the entire lesson but it was the complete opposite. He wanted to see what I could remember and push me from there. I was cantering around happy as larry.  My boyfriend managed to trot (rising) on his first ever time being on a horse and had the best time ever!

It is amazing what you can remember even after so many years. He said it was like riding a bike... You will be rusty but you can remember most of it. I'm not going to lie, I was a little apprehensive to begin with. But the atmosphere was really nice and we both felt at ease straight away. The instructor was brilliant and a great teacher. 

My horse just wanted to go! Which is brilliant. My boyfriend's horse needed a nudge. When I was learning as a child I was forever being held back. It seemed like I was riding for years before I was even allowed to attempt a canter and when I did it was a very short spurt. But this was different, this is exactly what I wanted to do and i've been grinning from ear to ear since. What is even better now-a-days is that technology is right at your fingertips so we were able to do some short little videos of each other! I've never seen myself ride before so it is great to see how your posture can be improved. 

My boyfriend and I. This is just after my lesson so my horse is looking a little tired.
I'm so happy and can't wait to get back on a horse! The only downside was my Hunter wellies. I don't have any riding boots so I thought these would have been sufficient but it proved a challenge for the whole lesson; the grooves on the bottom of the welly kept getting stuck in the stirrups so I was forever trying to kick it back out as I could not rise and push against the stirrups properly. 

I've literally been hobbling around all weekend. I have a big bruise on my inside knee and my whole backside is bruised. Oh the joys! But it's nice to know you can enjoy something so much and be exercising at the same time. 

Have you have been thinking about doing something you miss for a while? If so then try to pluck up some courage and go for it! It is the best feeling in the world! 

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