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As soon as 2024 graced us with its presence I definitely felt a shift within ~ it's time to start putting my needs first, I thought to myself. If you've followed me for a while you will have noticed for a long, long time I posted DAILY on my Instagram account. Working this promotion work into my daily schedule was rather pressuring whilst juggling work and normal life. If you're a passive scroller who does not create content it might be hard to fully understand the time involved. Not just physically, but mentally. There is a lot of mental work involved too. 

So, although I am still posting on social media I'm putting more time into self-love, looking after myself and taking away some of the unnecessary pressure. Flowwow has kindly gifted me a lovely bunch of flowers and a scented candle to remind me of the importance of expressing love to myself. Whether that is through chilled weekends, a spa day, or creating a cosy atmosphere at home. 

"May this candle be a gentle reminder to celebrate self-love and personal joy with Flowwow."

These are a few things I have made more time for recently and here are some ways in which you can love yourself more. 

Self Love ideas you can try:
- Treat yourself to some flowers from Flowwow. They cheer you up in no time!
- Light a scented candle (from Flowwow) to set a cosy mood. 
- Take a nice deep bath or have a long shower and use your favourite luxury fragranced shower gel (I adore the Elemis Mayfair No.9 Shower Milk, bath salts and bath bomb, with your new scented candle. 
- Apply a hair mask and wash your hair.
- Chill out and relax with a face mask.
- Put on your favourite film with your candle.
- Or your favourite music.
- Wear something that makes you feel gorgeous! Nightwear, your favourite dress or your best jewellery.
- Paint your nails. Soak your feet and give yourself a pedicure.
- Put your phone on airplane mode for a while to fully switch off from work/social media/emails/notifications. 
- Reading before bedtime.
- Wear your favourite perfume.
- Write, journal or blog.
- Eat healthier food.
- Exercise, stretch or dance around the kitchen.
- Make more time for preparing healthier meals.
- Get outdoors ~ listen to the birds and try to get some sunshine on your face.
- Go on a walk. Breathe.
- Prepare a morning/evening skincare routine and stick to it.
- Put some makeup on and make yourself feel pretty.
- Reduce screen time (phone in particular) before bed. Turn on "Night Shift (Apple iPhone - it makes your screen warm instead of blue light) 1 hour before you sleep. 
- Get plenty of sleep. I cannot overemphasize the significance of sleep enough. Less wrinkles, skin repairs itself better and the fact it makes you less stressed are a few big ones! (More benefits here)

These healthy habits have made me feel SO much better. Take back control of your life by trying out some of my tips above. 

Mental Health Tips for Self~Love

- Figure out what specifically stresses you out or causes worry and try to change your habits to help you deal with these things better. 
- Set yourself some boundaries and try to stick to them when situations arise (with people too).
- Change your diet. Not only will it make you feel better physically but you will lose some extra pounds. 
- Switch up your decor. Surround yourself with things you love and bring you joy.
- Declutter. Your home, your wardrobe, your life.
- Tidy up your living and working space daily. Being messy stresses me out!
- Avoid toxic people and situations ~ if they don't make you feel happy why are they in your life?
- Talk. Reach out as isolating is very lonely.
- Cry if you have to. Don't let things build up. Embrace the blessing of being able to feel emotions deeply. However, bottling things up inside does not make you feel better.

I think another main point is, don't do the things you don't want to do. Obviously, we all have to do things we find uncomfortable and it's good to push yourself and try new things but engaging in activities solely to please others, just for the sake of "people-pleasing," is a surefire way to find yourself unhappy.

Outfit Details

Flowers: Flowwow Flower Delivery Service CLICK HERE
Candle: Flowwow Delivery Service CLICK HERE
Hold Ups ~ Sign up to find out HERE
Shorts: Boux Avenue

The Flowers

My particular flower and candle bundle were ordered through Flowwow. Who specialises in sending fresh flowers to your door! A spectacular arrangement of pinks and purples with greenery. A bouquet perfect for approaching Spring! 

The Candle
The Esmeralda
A fruity, floral combination of cranberries followed by orange and cinnamon with floral back notes of jasmine and lily on a base of sandalwood, cedar, musk, vanilla and sugar.

From £10 - £470

The flowers arrived Next Day (Delivery) in a huge cardboard box with a courier service. They were wrapped very well with lots of packing paper inside so the flowers arrived in pristine condition. The candle is made from glass and was wrapped individually, again, in perfect condition. 

They were wrapped in clear plastic (see my photos) with gel inside to keep them super fresh and hydrated.

Who is Flowwow?

Flowwow is an online marketplace that connects customers with local brands and businesses. You can get everything from fresh flowers, gifts, pastries, cakes, clothing and accessories, jewellery, craft supplies and more ~ all with fast delivery. They operate in 1,000 cities worldwide so even if you have a loved one overseas you can still surprise them with a thoughtful gift.

You can visit their website HERE

How it works
1. Pop your postcode in and your house number to find a list of businesses that deliver to your address.
2. Choose your gift! (not just flowers!) You can see business reviews here too.
3. Add to basket (or buy now). 
4. Specify the delivery address on the map. They will show you shops nearby to order delivery. 
5. You will see a breakdown of the order. Inc delivery costs.
6. Choose the delivery date and time.
7. Checkout!

My thoughts
As you can see they are a big beautiful bouquet and the colours are gorgeous. They are lovely and bright ~ happy flowers! The candle smells gorgeous. I am thoroughly enjoying them. I've situated them both together in the living room and the candle creates a warm flow on the vase and flowers. There's something magical about the tranquillity that blossoms and candles conjure when paired up.

It's been 7 days since they arrived and they have only just started to turn ~ which is really impressive. I'm thoroughly pleased with the service of Flowwow and the products received. The delivery was easy and they arrived in lovely, fresh condition. The website is really easy to navigate and a pleasure to use. Give it a try HERE. I am happy to recommend the Flowwow service to you!  

Discount Code
Use Discount code CHARLOTTE for 15% OFF FLOWWOW
(for the first order) valid until 31.03.2024

This would make a fabulous gift for Mother's Day (UK Sunday 10th March)

All my love,

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