Pretty Hair pt.2

My attempt at pretty hair pt. 2: Daenerys / Game of Thrones 🐉⚔🌿 

This is fantastic - hair off face but still down. HOW HAVE I ONLY JUST LEARNED THIS? Look how simple it is. Gawwrrrr. I might do a series, to share and hopefully inspire you to try some out. 

Thanks for the video @silvousplaits_hairstyling x

Before I tried this one out I decided it was time I learned the 'french plait', something, to be honest, I have not even attempted before because it was daunting - boom, it happened. Learned it. Messy and nowhere near ready to wear out yet, so I'm going to practice with some easier ones first to gain more dexterity in my wiggly fingers then hopefully learn some tougher styles 😈

Belt: Celtic Fusion Design CLICK HERE 

All my love,

Charlotte x

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