20 Facts About Me...

I have seen lots of these '20 Facts About Me' posts flying around on Instagram so I jumped on board and completed my own facts.

Here goes...
  1. My mum almost named me April (it's my middle name!) but she thought people might nickname me Ape so had second thoughts!
  2. Because... I'm born in April! On St. George's day (23rd) 
  3. I was once very good at sport (athletics/sprinting/cross country) and ran for the county. I loved my popper joggers. And vibrant diadora t-shirts! Who remembers those?
  4. I'm 5ft 2in and a bit. I actually thought I was a bit taller than that but the tape measure doesn't lie #shrinking
  5. I'm an only child (I'm told I was a nightmare)
  6. I was obsessed with horses when I was a child and I'm still desperate to own my very own horse
  7. But instead, I have a dog-horses (Doberman and a Weimaraner) 
  8. Believe it or not, I'm a massive heavy rock/metal fan (& D&B) 
  9. I'm not a big lover of TV and hate reality tv.
  10. I'm a graphic & web designer by trade and I love art and illustration.
  11.  I'm engaged to my best friend! (Saving for wedding slowllly)
  12. My favourite alcoholic beverage is Jack Daniels (I am very fond of gin and red wine though)
  13. Some of my fave films are: Aliens (collecting figurines too lol), Dumb & Dumber, The Mummy & Fifth Element. I generally love horror films too.
  14. Harry Potter nerd 'ere! (Yer a wizard 'arry! I've got the wands and everything. PS the illustrated novel is amazing)
  15.  I've only ever lived in a 3 mile radius.
  16.  I've ALWAYS loved nature and animals and ever since I can remember I've had pets. They are such special creatures
  17. I don't have any tattoos. 
  18. I actually really enjoy gardening and reading.
  19. I've always been obsessed with makeup (raided my mums makeup drawer when I was tiny lol)
  20. I've had 6 teeth pulled out and wore three braces (or AGES, it was actually torture) during my goth phase 
  21. I was born in the 80's.
  22.  I'm super duper articulate and basically a bit of a perfectionist but I kind of have to be with my job. 
  23.  This was only meant to be 20 questions...

I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about me!

I have filmed another video for you so as soon as I have edited that I'll get it shared here on my blog and onto YouTube!

All my love,

Charlotte x

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