Introducing: Nixey, The 1834 Bag

Inspired by the Traditional Scottish sporran
Handmade in the Scottish Highlands from British leather.

The brand-spanking new NIXEY 1834 bag, is just W.O.W!

How awesome is the design? The 1834 bag is based upon the traditional Scottish sporran.

I have a real love for Scotland. I could quite easily visit every year. I'm seriously yearning to go back again. Nixey make their bags in the Scottish Highlands which makes me love it even more.

"With my own family history spanning England, Ireland and Scotland, I’ve always been proud of the rich cultural tapestry of the British Isles."
- Laura-Marie Nixey, Company Founder

Who are Nixey?

"Launching in 2016, the foundations of Nixey were first laid two years previously with a sketchbook and pencil at my dining table in South London.

With my own family history spanning England, Ireland and Scotland, I’ve always been proud of the rich cultural tapestry of the British Isles. Having spent ten years working within the Art and Decorative Arts industry, I also have a real passion for the manufacturing skill and craftsmanship thriving in Britain today.

With the challenge accepted, I found a traditional manufacturer in the Scottish Highlands who believes the sporran is long overdue a modern makeover. And so the inaugural Nixey collection, The 1834, was born."

The 1834 Cream Bovine
Love it? Click HERE

100% Real British Leather
100% Real British Bovine Leather
Metal Fittings - Chrome

"Striking, stylish and compact"

The Finer Details
The Nixey 1834 up close and personal...

Sizing & Fit
W 190mm x H 200mm x D 60mm 

You can wear your Nixey bag three different ways. Want to know more? I'll show you how!

Material & Design

The face of the bag consists of leather and fur.

The Nixey emblem is blind embossed on the front panel - which I love. It is subtle but adds class. I think it is quite intriguing too. Personally, I'd be thinking - What brand is that?

The most quirky feature of all is the chain detailing! It really adds personality to the Nixey bags. The cream/red/black 1834 bag features chrome fittings, whereas the natural/chestnut/dark brown bags have the brass fittings.

The inside is plain leather.

The Entire 1834 Collection
I have put together the whole Nixey 1834 bag collection to make it easy for you to choose your favourite!

They also look amazing when the bag is 'open' too. I've put together the different colour options with the open and closed.
Natural, Chestnut & Dark Brown

Cream Bovine, Red & Black

What can I wear it with?


I've worn my Nixey bag with my black waxed Barbour International jacket, a long sleeved striped top (in matching monochrome colours) and black jeans. I'll be putting together more inspo outfits so keep your eyes peeled.

I've discovered the 1834 bag is versatile so it can easily be worn on a night out, down the pub, to shows and festivals, to work or out shopping.

This bag is perfect for those who travel light. If you like to cram a million and one things into your handbag you may have to sacrifice those bulky items.

What I'm wearing
Barbour International Speedway Waxed Jacket CLICK HERE
Pegasus Jewellery Snaffle Sparkle Ring *  CLICK HERE
Pegasus Jewellery Snaffle Sparkle Pendant * CLICK HERE

Nixey 1834 Cream Bovine Bag *

Why I love it My thoughts

What grabbed my attention initially to Nixey was the beautiful, unique design!

The choice of colours are marvelous too. I had a hard time choosing which colour combo I wanted but I went for the monochrome black and cream.

This bag is striking, stylish and compact. It feels luxurious and looks expensive. The leather is flawless and the bright chrome fittings give the bag more personality. It's such a gorgeous handbag, I think the style is remarkable!

It looks great with countrywear but I also feel this bag can be worn with any fashion style! Believe it or not it is extremely adaptable.

The 1834 hair on hide options are quirky and eye-catching. I can safely say I have never seen anyone wear a bag like this.

They really are unique and the fact the bag can be worn three different ways (CLICK HERE COMING SOON) is really handy as it is adaptable for different situations. You could wear the bag differently for festivals, shopping, date nights and running after children or animals!

Nixey sure aims to please and their customer service is amazing. I'm excited to see what else Nixey has hidden up their sleeve.

"The timeless style of the 1834 Cream Bovine defines the understated eccentricities of British luxury."

Special thank you to Laura-Marie for giving me the opportunity to test out her beautiful Nixey bag! I absolutely adore the 1834 bag and you have done a spectacular job x

Which is your favourite colour?

Want to know more?
Find Nixey online here

Facebook: /nixeyltd
Instagram: @nixey_ltd
Twitter: @nixey_ltd

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