Ostrich 2 Love: Springbok Charm

"Luxurious accessories"
Ethically sourced
Beautiful leather bags and accessories

Just feast your eyes on my new keyring! It's such a wonderful design and I can't wait to start wearing it with more of the items in my wardrobe.

It's real springbok fur from South Africa.

"The local community reflects a changing South Africa where local leaders work hard to overcome old habits and replace them with hope and belief."

Who are Ostrich 2 love?

Ostrich 2 Love are a luxury fashion brand who offer and create a great selection of handbags, clutch bags, purses, keyrings and an array of accessories. They focus mainly on Ostrich leather.

"Ostrich Leather is famed for it’s distinctive markings and durability making these products a fabulous gift and a worthwhile investment that will last a lifetime."

They support local fair-trade businesses and all of their products are ethically sourced.

"Everything we offer at Ostrich 2 Love is ethically sourced and supporting local, fair-trade workshops and small businesses in South Africa."

Springbok Fur Charm
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"Dress up your handbag with this little beauty".

The Finer Details

Ostrich 2 Love Springbok Charm up close and personal...

The Design

The design is so unique. It looks very chic on your designer handbag and really cute as a keyring.

The array of colours they have on offer are excellent and very vibrant! You could quite easily own every single colour and find a use for them all. The fur is dyed to achieve the vivid colours. My favourites are 'natural' as this blends into my wardrobe effortlessly. But, I'm really drawn to Forest Green, Yellow and Pink!

There are two attachment options; the keyring loop - Perfect to wear on your keys as its very secure or to fasten to your Fairfax and Favors or loop through the zip on your cape making it look very chic. The second option is the clasp fixture - great to attach to your handbag.

This keyring comprises of natural Springbok fur.

Everything Ostrich 2 Love offer is ethically sourced and supporting local, fair-trade workshops and small businesses in South Africa.

Fabric Details
- Springbok fur
- Metal Keyring loop
- Metal Chain clasp
- Branded Ostrich 2 Love ingot
- 100% natural fur so all designs will be different

"We are both dedicated to sourcing the finest products and supporting the local economy in The Karoo, constantly expanding our collection with exciting new products. "
Charlotte in England Ostrich2Love: Springbok Charm Keyring Fur
Charlotte in England Ostrich2Love: Springbok Charm Keyring Fur

What can I wear it with?

Clothing & Accessories
I just had to show you how great it looks with my Fairfax and Favors! It looks stunning on my Cambridge Satchel bag and even looks fab on my Filofax organiser. It takes your keys from boring to spectacular. As you can see it works well with a whole bunch of accessories. This can be worn with any style of bag thanks to the chain clasp attachment and would look spectacular in the field with your shooting gear.

What I'm wearing
Ostrich 2 Love Springbok Charm in Natural *
Fairfax and Favor - Regina in Tan
Cambridge Satchel Company - Classic Satchel Bag
Filofax Personal Organiser

Other Accessories
I can't write this post without showing you the most beautiful bag designs Ostrich 2 Love create. I mentioned their bags on my Cheltenham Outfit Inspiration blog post (Didn't see it? Click here) as they worked so well with my outfit choices.

Ostrich 2 Love: Springbok Bucket Bag

Ostrich 2 Love: Bok Envelope Clutch Bag
Ostrich 2 Love: Springbok Bucket Bag

Why you need it My thoughts

Fur in winter looks great when worn with countrywear. They really are a match made in heaven. This charm adds class to any outfit and it looks incredibly expensive. You sure can dress up your handbag with this little beauty. It is well made and robust so it's sure to hold up when youre out and about with your bag. The array of colours are energetic and will to work with your outfit of choice.

I love it because its authentic and on point with A/W fashion right now. I have seen a lot of fur-ball charms on handbags this autumn so why not be different and grab one of these fur charms instead? As you can see it's really quite adaptable. I genuinely love my charm and think it's a great accessory to have and wear with your country attire.

I think the charm is also affordable. Especially for genuine Springbok fur from South Africa.

This would make a fabulous gift for someone special too! The packaging is great and would be well received.

A great deal of passion has gone into the Ostrich 2 Love brand and they have done a fabulous job of offering such stylish bags and unique accessories.

What do you think? What colour charm are you going to choose?

Want to know more?
Find Ostrich 2 Love online shop here

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