Evemy & Evemy: The Barley Cape

Understated British Luxury Countrywear
Handmade in England

Can you believe it's almost November? It's time to grab those jumpers and coats and in my case, my Evemy & Evemy cape.

I love to support British brands, especially clothing which is produced in the UK. I've followed the Evemy and Evemy journey from the beginning. Their ideology is perfect for English countrywear and I love their brand essence; inspired by natural tones. They have carefully selected Templemoyle Mill coated cotton for their heritage waxed capes.

Who are Evemy and Evemy?
You can read their full story here

"Focused on timeless style and a lust for quality British fabrics the collection embodies understated luxury."

"Evemy & Evemy was created in 2016 to provide luxury, country clothing and accessories. Focused on timeless style and a lust for quality British fabrics the collection embodies understated luxury."

The Barley Cape
in Taupe, £280.00

"The natural colour palette blends in with a country style 
wardrobe wonderfully".

The Finer Details
The Barley cape up close and personal...

What I'm wearing: Evemy & Evemy Barley Cape in Taupe, Fairfax & Favor Imperial Explorer Boots in Oak, Pegasus Jewellery (Pendant, Earrings), Barbour Jumper 

Logo & Packaging
The logo is very delicate and nature inspired which reflects the spirit of the brand brilliantly.
The cape itself was folded neatly inside a cotton drawstring bag. Perfect for transporting your cape when travelling or keeping it safe in storage. Inside it was wrapped in some tissue paper sealed with an E&E sticker.

Sizing & Fit

The cape comes in two sizes; Regular (mine) and Tall.

I was curious to feel the fabric. Would it be waxy? Or soft? The material is quite rigid but is still soft and easy to wear. It does not feel waxy. The Templemoyle cotton retains the beautiful shape of the cape perfectly. Although it holds the shape it does not weigh you down, it feels light weight. If the cape were any less rigid it would look like a kimono instead of a cape so the choice of cotton is spot on.

The inside is cotton lined.

I've uploaded a short video clip of me wearing the cape so you can get an idea of the movement when wearing it.

Fabric Details

-100% Templemoyle Mills British coated cotton outer
- Donegal tweed collar
- 100% black cotton lining
- Leather football button fastenings

"The fabric echoes the vast and natural beauty of their surroundings."

Collar & Pocket

How gorgeous is the tweed collar! The Barley cape has a Donegal tweed brown collar. The equally gorgeous Buckwheat cape is collarless with cushioned buttonhole fastenings instead.

There is a handy secret button closure pocket on the inside of the cape.

"The Donegal tweed used to create our chokers is from established weavers, Molloy and Sons. Located in Ardara, County Donegal the Molloy family have been in the textile industry since the 19th century."

The vintage style leather football buttons reinforces the classic British countrywear style and adds an element of luxury. I like the fact Evemy & Evemy went for something a little different. Inside the neck of the cape is an hook and eye fastener to secure it in place when wearing. 


What can I wear it with?

As you can see I have worn my Barley cape with my Dubarry Galways and my Fairfax and Favor Imperior boots. It would look super chic with jeans and some heels though.

I chose to style my Evemy & Evemy cape with some Ralph Lauren jodhpur style breeches and some white equestrian style jeans.

Alternatively it would look good with any denim jeans. Due to the cut and style of the cape you could get away with anything; I went for a chunky Barbour wool jumper and a country shirt. In the warmer months you could even get away with wearing just a polo shirt or a ruffle blouse underneath.

What I'm wearing
Evemy & Evemy Barley Cape in Taupe*
Fairfax & Favor Imperial Explorer Boots in Oak
Pegasus Jewellery (Pendant, Earrings)*
Barbour Jumper
Dubarry Galway Boots
Ralph Lauren Jodhpurs

Why you need one My thoughts

The natural colour palette blends in with a country style wardrobe wonderfully. The understated colours are perfect for luxury countrywear and it is so easy to wear. I love the nature-inspired hues!

"Oh, but i'm not sure it's practical" I hear you say. Well, what I like about cape is the fact it is unquestionably country but would not look out of place on the streets of London. The handy arm holes give you freedom. The holes are practically unnoticeable when your hands are not out of the cape due to the clever design. It may not be practical to wear during manual working tasks (mucking out, gardening etc) but its far too nice to wear for that anyway!

"Evemy & Evemy aims to bridge the gap between a town and country lifestyle."

The shape is also really flattering for different body shapes. Also, if you're in a rush it can easily be thrown over the top of your favourite comfy jumper and you still look like you've got your act together.

I love the way it has been crafted. Plus its showerproof - perfect for being outdoors and our unpredictable weather. My only gripe and this is the case with all capes, wearing a handbag whilst walking can be quite challenging without a free hand.

I wholeheartedly support the spirit of the brand!
Compliments to Evemy & Evemy for designing a gracefully luxurious cape.

Do you own a cape? What do you wear with yours?

Want to know more?
Find Evemy & Evemy online shop here

Facebook: /Evemyandevemy
Twitter: @evemyandevemy

Quotes in silver taken from www.evemyandevemy.com. Design, photography, wording. opinions and quotes (in gold) by self.

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