We have bought a house!

I'm a homeowner!

My boyfriend and (now Fiance - woohoo!) I, knew that we eventually wanted to get a house together but all I heard people saying was how saving for a house was awful, mortgages were a nightmare and that we would have a really hard time getting on the property ladder. All very negative.... Well for us, that was not true at all!

The very first house we went to look at we ended up buying!

View out of the back bedroom

In September 2015 we decided to take a look at a new home for sale up the road from my Mum & Dad's. We weren't officially looking to buy we just wanted to get an idea of what we wanted to buy together and what was in our budget.

We wanted the house! It turned out the very first house we went to look at we ended up buying!

We only looked at around 4 or 5 houses, all new build. As soon as I entered the first house I decided I wanted a brand new house. I LOVE the idea of an older property but I knew something beautiful and grade listed would need a lot of attention. I've written another post with all of the lovely interior shots I wanted to share with you of the other houses. I love looking at show homes! View the Show Homes here...

Was it hard work? Yes. Was it stressful? Yes. Was it worth it? Hell yes!

Cutting a long story short we viewed the house in September and we moved in November. How crazy is that? Especially as we weren't ready for it at all. Money wise, preparation wise or anything at all wise.

When people say moving is one of the most stressful things there is... this part is true. It isn't the actual moving that is hard work, that part is actually really fun! I loved every part of that; buying new things, packing things away, buying more things... What is stressful is the companies, meetings, phone calls and other important and life changing things you have to deal with which is the stressful part.


Moving Day

It's safe to say I bought quite a lot...

No moving day is complete without a Barbour jacket!

Sneak peak of the kitchen/diner

A lot of evenings were spent like this...

Yay, flooring!

We decided to do the flooring ourselves. The whole of downstairs and upstairs too. So for two + months we have been living on floorboards upstairs. Luckily Anthony was keen to get the flooring done downstairs as soon as he could. I was assisting, of course. We went for Polyflor Vinyl (in Colonia Nordic White Oak) it is brilliant. It's like Karndean but in my opinion better.

We have carpet!
We have had carpet for about a week now and it's the best thing ever. The carpet is called 'Pearl' by Startwist Elite and is a brilliant match to the vinyl downstairs. It flows really nicely.

Cheers to that

So, this is why I have been off the radar. We have been so busy, working then coming home and working till 10pm some nights trying to getting everything finished, major shock to the system! 

Was it hard work? Yes. Was it stressful? Yes. Was it worth it? Hell yes!

I hope to keep you up to date on interior and life in my new home! 

Charlotte x

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