Dubarry Portland Phone Case

With the whole moving house thing I've had to be super frugal when it comes to treating myself; only buying essentials: socks, pants and some of my other essentials which are of course PJ's and slippers.

In terms of new clothes... there hasn't really been any.
I did make a cheeky Jack Wills purchase which was the Torpoint T-shirt a few months ago.

My fiance (still getting used to that word!) bought me a lovely Belstaff gilet for Christmas. My first Belstaff! 

So, I've treated myself to a little something. I've been using my Thule iPhone case for over a year now and its good but, the letters decided to fall off one by one and now it just looks like a bog standard boring black case. I'm still rocking the iPhone 5 guys, it's done me proud.

The Design
As you may know I'm a big fan of Dubarry and I only recently discovered they made covers for technology - hooray! At the moment they make covers for the iPad Air & iPhone 5. These are both in the sale now so maybe they will release some new designs and for more devices.

It has a crushed leather appearance with an embossed Dubarry logo on the back which sits on a slab of darker brown leather which has stitching detail. In typical Dubarry style it feels great. You can't beat leather. I'm yet to put it up to the test of accidentally dropping it but it feels quite robust.

It's slim and has a great texture. It doesn't feel bulky to hold which is a bonus. I can tell the case will get worn on the corners after a while and the leather may get scratched by sharp objects but if you're not after a polished look then this should not be a problem. With this being leather it will stain if you don't look after it. The case does not obscure the camera facility on the front/back, charging points or speakers like some cheap covers do. Overall my impression is positive!

Dubarry Portland Walnut iPhone 5 Case
RRP £39.99

You can buy it here:

Naylors - Best Price online!

Charlotte x

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  1. It was good to read your blog and see you're as passionate about Dubarry as we are! Thanks for linking to us, unfortunately Dubarry have stopped making the iphone cases and stocks are now limited. We only have a few charcoal black cases left so we've reduced the rest of these now :-) http://www.philipmorrisdirect.co.uk/dubarry-portlaw-iphone-5-cover/product/


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