The Duck House

Earlier in the year my Dad built my Mum a house for the wild ducks that visit us.

We normally get mallard ducks every year so it did seem like a nice idea to give them a lovely home so Dad got his DIY on. It floats on 4 water filled barrels and is made from wood.

And, success! The lady duck nested in the box and had her first batch of ducklings.

It has been really interesting observing the ducks every day and seeing their habits. At times it's been quite stressful, especially when the mother duck flies off and leaves the tiny week old babies all alone. So I was on guard whenever I could, shooing off any crows or herons. This is virtually impossible working away from home though so unfortunately nature does run its course. 

This little fella managed to get separated from the rest of the group

Unfortunately, only one baby duckling survived but he is big and strong now and has fled the comforts of our pond. I named him Simon. He never did develop any male markings so I'm beginning to think the duckling is in fact female haha but we will see. 

You can follow my future duck adventures here on Instagram... 

If anyone is interested in the build of the house please email me and I can give you some more information! 

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