Fairfax & Favor - How to change your tassels

If you're reading this you probably bought some Regina's, yay! I'd love to see them, tweet me or tag me on Insta! If you haven't bought any yet this may sway you into buying some...

You can update the look of your boots with Official different coloured tassels. Find the full range here...

They're made from that really nice Fairfax & Favor leather suede so it compliments the boots and adds a pop of colour.

I went for the Midnight Blue colour which is shown on the main photograph on their site. I like the vivid contrast of tan and blue. So, I thought I'd show you how to change the tassels. It's super easy.

You can virtually do this anywhere so why sit down with a cuppa...

Things you need: Tea (optional), your boots and new tassels!

It's easier to do this whilst the boots are off your feet.

Remove the original tassel from the push stud fastener

Remove the tassel from the metal buckle.

Grab your new tassel and un pin.

Thread the end of the tassel through the bottom part of the metal buckle on the zip.

Make sure the Fairfax & Favor logo pin is on the outside of the boots and the push stud is on the inside against the zip


Admire your gorgeous new tassels! 

Hope you are all well and have a great weekend x

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