Designed By Nature - Orchid Buds Range

I found a delightful company called Designed by Nature.They design and create jewellery inspired by beautiful flowers and ever-changing nature.

I spotted a beauty; the Orchid Bud Silver Ring. I loved the style and how the buds wrapped around the width of the finger.

I was very tempted so I purchased it, as a Birthday treat (yes, another!). If you sign up to their mailing list you can get £10.00 OFF your first order. All you need to do it visit their site here and a pop up should appear prompting you to sign up. Sign up and you should receive an email from them (check your spam just in case it doesnt arrive in your inbox)

It is adjustable. I was worried about the sizing as my fingers are quite small but it fits great. I did have to adjust it to make sure it was a snug fit. This did not damage the ring at all and it was easy to do.

Beautiful Designed by Nature Orchid Buds Silver Ring
It is quite delicate, so if you do a lot of manual work take extra care as to not damage the ring and be careful as it can get caught on clothing (ie a when putting on a wooly jumper) but you can bend it back into place.

Their Orchid Buds Silver Earrings are also delightful. I haven't taken them out since I've had them! They match the ring style wonderfully. They also look great with my long hair as little earrings can get a little lost but these beauties are great and match the ring perfectly. 

Wonderful Designed by Nature Orchid Buds Silver Earrings

Their customer service is brilliant. They are really friendly and helpful plus they are on twitter, why not give them a follow

They have been a pleasure to deal with and everyone loves my new jewellery!

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