Beach Body Ready rant

This is a bit of a rant...

Following the recent negative light on the whole Protein World advertising campaign it really got my back up.

The gorgeous model on the poster and Protein World have really taken a beating from the media and on social media because of the phrase "Are you beach body ready?". The poster is deemed as offensive and insulting by some. I see this as the opposite, it makes me want to work out and look the very best I can personally be. We are all unique, not one person will look like another after training.

Last week there was a program on TV called; Plus Sized Wars. Fair play to the ladies having bags of confidence and flipping the bird to people those who were rude or offensive. But, with 60% of women in the UK now considered obese this program really gave out the wrong messages and essentially encouraged people to feel happy about being morbidly obese. You risk increased problems with heart disease, heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, high cholesterol, joint problems, fertility problems, polycystic ovary problems, gallstones, kidney disease, asthma, and quite importantly erectile dysfunction. Non of these health issues are positive! 

Please be happy, we love happy people in this world but your body inside is not happy when put under extreme amounts of overweight pressure. Please be carefree! You don't need to look like this to be happy but some people want to look like this. I understand people have genuine health issues and cannot control their weight easily (please don't take any offence by this post) but those who don't have health issues sometimes shame 'skinny' people by making out it is wrong to be fit and healthy and wrong to want to look fit just because they don't exercise or take care of what they eat. Society has evolved into praising overweight people for being "carefree" but really, this is just pure laziness.The irony is, the model has been completely body shamed herself! 

This post is not about fat shaming, skinny shaming or anything in between. I work for what I have and I try to eat a healthy and balanced diet. I can't eat as much as I want and not gain weight. I can't drink lots of fizzy drinks and alcohol and still feel good. It's effort, but in my eyes it's worth it. It's about understanding what is healthy and what is not.

You can see my healthy fitness progress here and after results here. (BRB Busy writing this post)

What's wrong with the fit, gorgeous model on the poster? Nothing. The term "beach body" has been used over and over again in the fitness industry. Team Beach Body is massive in America. They have a extensive list of fitness programs, having tried Insanity and Insanity MAX:30, I can say now... they're tough but they work. I haven't been using protein this year and I don't believe you need to to be healthy and look healthy. Look at all the fashion models online, adverts in magazines, on the tube... everywhere. These promotions and campaigns could also be considered as body shaming and we see these everyday.

People are getting worked up over the fact they think they have to look like the model to be "beach ready". It doesn't matter what you look like on the beach, I don't care. If YOU are happy that's all that matters. But, don't shame or discourage those who want to look like that, or those who are striving for that body. I've worked my arse off getting fit but now people who want to look like her or get fit are being made to feel like the bad guys for doing so! Be real, not perfect!

Rant over, stay positive people. 

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