Little Hamlet Willesley

Spring is well and truly here now so I wanted to make the most of the nice weather by taking a visit to Willesley Lake, just down the road. After getting some nice Bank Holiday weather at Easter i've got the bug for exploring the outdoors, you can see what I got up to in Buxton here. I haven't been to the lake for a while so I was looking forward to taking my boyfriend there. 

The lane which runs down to the lake.

The country lane if you continue down the track past the lake.

You can walk around the perimeter of the lake.

Willesley Golf course backs onto the lake. Look at those blue skies! I don't play golf but it looks like a beautiful course.

There is a gorgeous little secluded area if you walk down off the track, a hidden ge.

Journey back home.

Where is it?

Willesley Lake Carp and Course Fishery, Willesley Woodside, Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicestershire, LE65 2UP. View in Maps.

Want some History?

"Willesley is mentioned as a significant manor in the Domesday book. Willesley is listed among the large number of manors that are owned directly by Henry de Ferrers and its value was assessed as and sixteen shillings in 1086. The stately home here was called Willesley Hall and it stood in a park of 155 acres.
The village of Willesley had always been small. The population remained around the figure of 60 from 1805 to 1881. It is now, of course, engulfed as a area of the market town of Ashby de la Zouch, nestled at the heart of the National Forest."
Information taken from Willesley Lake and the Estate history which can be found here.
As you can see the views are naturally stunning and even better when the sun is shining. Most of the photos are unedited but are few I've posted on my Instagram.

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